Ballyveaghan Software
Golf hole
The game of golf holds a special place at Ballyveaghan, and to honor that, we are developing products to improve the golf experience for everyone who enjoys the game. These products are designed to make it easier to obtain information that is often unattainable for the everyman golfer. These products include:
Live Scoring in iPhone
Are you a tournament organizer or golf club offical? Would you like to add fun and excitment to your tournaments and events? Ballyveaghan is working on a product that will allow your participants to score and view the tournament as they play! Each player can know how they are doing and where they stand, adding pressure and excitement to your event.
* Under the current model, live golf scoring is for entertainment purposes and should not replace official scoring for your event,.
Golf handicap in android
Ballyveaghan currently provides a service to its members, given them an accurate handicap-index, based completely on USGA rules*. Manage your favorite courses and rounds played, using your PC, pad, or mobile device.
* Current handicap indexes are not official USGA handicaps and are for entertainment and informative purposes only.
If you would like to find out more about these golf-related products being developed at Ballyveaghan, please email us.